Why Us?

Author’s Republic is more than just an audiobook distributor.

We’re your audiobook creation station, your distribution solution. We’re a bunch of friendly audiobook-obsessed people.

We help authors, publishers, and rights holders produce audiobooks and get them onto more platforms and in front of more listeners in the easiest way possible.

Here’s what sets us apart:

We're your Independent Audiobook Distributor

Unlike other platforms owned by specific retailers—which limit distribution to only their channels—Author’s Republic is entirely independent, giving your audiobook limitless potential.

No Hidden Fees

When you produce your audiobook through The Author's Republic Studio, what you see is what you get! We don't charge an administration fee or sneak in any percentage cuts. We help authors and publishers find the perfect audiobook narrator, and provide the platform to get it done effortlessly. The amount you and your narrator decide on, is the amount you pay.

Maximize Your Earnings

You'll receive 70% of royalties earned by your audiobook across over 50 channels, including major distributors such as Audible, Audiobooks.com, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play!

Bring Your Book To Life — Globally!

Find the perfect voice for your work through The Author's Republic Studio. Then, effortlessly launch your professionally produced audiobook worldwide with the click of a button!

Sell your audiobook through over 50 platforms from major retailers to small start-ups, library providers, and music streaming services. We’re always working on building new partnerships to deliver your audiobooks to millions of listeners worldwide.

Set Your Own Price

Producing your audiobook through The Author’s Republic Studio allows authors and narrators the option to negotiate a price that makes everyone happy! (PFH currently available. Royalty share and hybrid options coming soon...).

Instead of using a blanket pricing system you can set your own MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). We can’t promise each platform will use it though. Some partners control pricing based on the length of your audiobook.

One Account To Rule Them All

Forget about managing over a dozen different accounts and trying to remember 12 variations of “Password123”. We display all your sales on a handy dashboard and cut you one monthly royalty check, too.

Cut out the Middle (Mail) Man

We keep it convenient, eco-friendly, and safe by sending your payments directly to your PayPal account (direct deposit is also available to US-based authors with 10+ titles).

When you produce your audiobook through The Author’s Republic Studio payments are held safely and securely until all parties have delivered their end of the bargain!

Authors Without Borders

Restrictions can make things tough for authors outside of North America. We accept submissions from rights holders all over the globe (interplanetary submissions coming soon.)

How it all started

  • With big dreams of building a better way to do business in the audiobook industry, Author’s Republic + Audiobooks.com + Novel Audio are all born under one roof.
  • Author’s Republic and Novel Audio hit the open road with 6 employees and partnerships with 12 platforms.
  • Authors wanted to get their audiobooks into libraries - so we found a way to make it happen. We have since partnered with 9 library channels distributing to THOUSANDS of libraries worldwide! Our library partners include: Bibliotheca, Divibib, EBSCO, Follett, Hoopla, Mackin, OverDrive, Perma-Bound, and Wheelers.
  • We began building relationships with world class audiobook recording studios for authors in search of the full A to Z audiobook production experience.
  • Gone are the days when music streaming services solely stream music! Podcasts and audiobooks continue growing on streaming platforms so naturally, we had to join in! We’ve partnered with 7 music streaming services including Spotify, Youtube Music, iTunes, Napster, Apple Music, Calm Radio, and Deezer.
  • Our team goes fully remote and planning for The Author’s Republic Studio begins!
  • We joined the RBmedia family, giving us more reach and resources to continue our mission of helping authors make more money from their books!
  • Author’s Republic gets a new look and we launch The Author’s Republic Studio to help authors, publishers, and narrators connect, collaborate, and create professional audiobooks!
  • As an independent audiobook distributor, we’ve built the world’s widest audiobook distribution network. We’ve grown to partner with over 50 platforms, serving thousands of authors and publishers from over 124 countries, delivering content to millions of listeners worldwide!

Are you ready to effortlessly create, launch, and distribute your audiobooks all in one place?