Author’s Republic is more than just an audiobook publisher.

We’re a new solution for getting your audiobook onto more platforms and in front of more listeners in the easiest way ever. Here’s what makes us great:

Show Me the Money

You'll receive 70% of what your audiobook earns across over 30 channels, including major distributors such as Audible,, and iTunes.

A Whole New World

Sell your audiobook through over 30 major retailers, library providers and distributors, with new channels added monthly.

Everyone's Got a Price

Instead of using a blanket pricing system, Author's Republic gives you the option to set your own MSRP (disclaimer: we can't promise every distributor will use it, though).

Cut out the Middle (Mail) Man

We keep it convenient & eco-friendly by sending your royalty payments directly to your PayPal account (direct deposit is also available to US-based authors with 10 or more titles).

One Account To Rule Them All

Forget about managing over a dozen different accounts and trying to remember 12 variations of “Password123”. We display all your sales on a handy dashboard, and cut you one monthly paycheck, too.

Authors Without Borders

Restrictions can make things tough for authors outside of North America. We accept submissions from rights holders all over the globe (interplanetary submissions coming soon.)

Our Partners

Sell your books through retailers, distributors and library providers.