Welcome to the new Author's Republic!
January 18, 2020

If you're new to Author's Republic, welcome! We can't wait to help you distribute your audiobooks to our wide network of audiobook retailers.

If you're an existing Author or Publisher, you might have noticed all the changes to our website as well as to the publication platform itself (The Republic). We have released a new and improved platform with a completely new look, improved functionality, and some new features we hope will help make your experience more enjoyable.

Below are some of the new features we have released:

Publishing an Audiobook

We've made it easier to create and edit audiobooks, and understand what requirements need to be met prior to submitting your audiobooks to us. The process can be outlined in 3 simple steps:

  1. Login to your account and click on the "Publish An Audiobook" menu option, and start by providing all metadata for your audiobook.
  2. Upload all cover images and audio.
  3. Select the retailers you want to distribute to, read and agree to the publishing agreement, and submit!

We have included a progress indicator on the audiobook publication pages. Clicking on this indicator will also display the requirements you need to fulfill prior to submitting your audiobook to us for review.

We also added more intuitive prompts when supplying us with your audiobook files. If you have supplied invalid file formats, or the audio does not meet industry standard requirements, you will be prompted to fix these issues before you are able to submit your title to us.

Organizing Your Audiobook Tracks

When you upload your audiobooks, we encourage you to pre-name your mp3 files in the order in which you want your chapters to be uploaded and listened to. If you want to organize your chapters differently after uploading is complete, you have two options: You can drag and drop to sort your chapters, or use the sort order fields provided.

Sales Dashboard and Sales Receipts

We have improved the display of information in the sales dashboard, and we have also provided the ability to download PDF sales receipts with a breakdown of sales for each royalty period. In the sales dashboard you can also download csv files for whichever sales period you have filtered.

Payouts and Payment Information

We continue to offer PayPal as our primary royalty payout method. One key change that we have made is the submission of tax forms. All authors will be required to submit a tax form using our new tax form submission method. We will no longer accept uploaded tax forms. However, we will accept PDF tax forms sent to us via e-mail; but since we are required to review every tax form sent to us for completeness, processing and review of these forms may delay any potential payouts on your account.

To fill out a new tax form, go to the 'My Account' page and fill out a tax form from the 'Tax Forms' tab. After you complete a tax form, you will be able to download it for your own records. Please make sure you read and understand which tax form you must complete according to your primary business address or country of origin.

Author Accounts (My Account)

We have given you more control over what information can be updated under your account. We have also improved and updated how we store passwords, and provide you with a password strength rating when creating an account or updating your passwords. Please note that any attempts at saving a password determined to be 'very weak' are not permitted. We encourage all authors to use strong passwords for their accounts.

Support, FAQs, and Tutorials

We also made it easier to contact support. Select 'Contact Us' from the 'Help' menu, select a subject line from the dropdown menu and let us know what you need help with. We are also very eager to hear your feedback! If you want to request a feature, please feel free to send us a message with the 'Request a Feature' subject line.

Though FAQs are also available on our website, you can also easily access them from the 'Help' menu. You can now search the FAQ for keywords that apply to the question you want answered. If there's something that isn't answered in our FAQ please contact us.

At a later date we will also provide a variety of tutorial videos demonstrating how to use our platform, and how to use other external services to help you promote your audiobooks.

We hope our new platform is as enjoyable for you to use as it has been to create!

Join our wide network of audiobook distributors and start selling your content today!